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Course/Class Title▲TypeCostHoursClass StartClass EndLocationCourseIDRoleType
 Online$0.00.25   3D4C79EFF6A04E2CBF8124E97F096B7B 
 Online$0.00.25   9B09B26B3CE64962B8795A153B5B1497 
Charitable Fund Drive - 2013 Coordinator Training Online$0.00.5   1006C84D7346435AA87BE6BBA012D9F7Public
Charitable Fund Drive - How to Make a Pledge Online Online$0.00.25   AA7D7C3602794B229424B6373007661APublic
Charitable Fund Drive - How To Use the CFD "Coordinator" MenuOnline$0.00.25   4997D0595A8448BA94D68656DDCA2AD5Public
DAS - Access 2013: Create Your First Access Database (by Microsoft)Online$0.00.25   335A2CF3889F40E69ACA1B02838CCED0Public
DAS - Access 2013: Make the Switch to Access 2013 (by Microsoft)Online$0.00.25   BF0809A126024386B66E61CA25AD8091Public
DAS - Access 2013: Use Criteria in Your Access 2013 Queries (by Microsoft)Online$0.00.25   FFFD81D720E34CE6A8D8B863286A5909Public
DAS - Access 2013: Using Date Criteria in Queries (by Microsoft)Online$0.00.25   2B92ADF36DA645F5BE56A40139EE21E6Public
DAS - An Introduction to SCORM 2004Online$0.001   FD12CCF0C5CC403591C54E4496176D00Public
DAS - CHRO - Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault and StalkingOnline$0.00.5   5823F5CE14084DEA90F95821AB55F102Public
DAS - CHRO - Family and Medical LeaveOnline$0.001   B6BF721B02114120A9785AB8AE76DA6BPublic
DAS - CHRO - Family and Medical Leave (for HR, Payroll and those who administer FMLA/OFLA for their agency)Classroom$0.003.5   DEB65F5DA8BB447E9E5C128FE313D69B 
DAS - CHRO - How to Write Position DescriptionsOnline$0.00.5   71ECD5DDA9864D3E8A75196BB2D31668Public
DAS - CHRO - Introduction to Managing ProjectsClassroom$1,081.00265/28/14 8:30am6/5/14 4:29pmSalem6907EB9DB60C46F29084585DBC821C11Public
DAS - CHRO - Introduction to Managing ProjectsClassroom$1,081.00267/23/14 8:30am7/31/14 4:29pmSalem6907EB9DB60C46F29084585DBC821C11Public
DAS - CHRO - Introduction to Managing ProjectsClassroom$1,081.00269/10/14 8:30am9/18/14 4:29pmSalem6907EB9DB60C46F29084585DBC821C11Public
DAS – CHRO - Maintaining a Harassment Free and Professional WorkplaceOnline$0.00.5   1B2DF096048342418BF06141B0274411Public
DAS - CHRO - Oregon Project Management Certification (OPMCP)Classroom$3,335.001128/6/14 8:30am12/11/14 4:29pmSalemB9C6C45FC8674B5988D406DFC11BC75CPublic
DAS - CHRO 2013-2015 SEIU Collective Bargaining AgreementClassroom$0.003.5   6EA99D925EE845C6BCEB227F57B9B2D5 
DAS - CIO - OregonConnect Enterprise Solutions Forum (Recorded Webinar)Online$0.002   3BB34EB4E70E4DAA84F40625D62891D1Public
DAS - Excel 2010: Create your first spreadsheet (by Microsoft)Online$0.00.5   61FE9EE1303043CAB63D1AF961E4C20DPublic
DAS - Excel 2010: Figure out dates by using formulas in Excel 2010 (by Microsoft)Online$0.00.5   BFE1E1E07BDF46FE8792C6900211BD71Public
DAS - Excel 2010: Plan payments and savings in Excel 2010 (by Microsoft)Online$0.00.5   2F2513DB59864AA2B7BC95641BBE73F3Public
DAS - Excel 2013: Adding Numbers (by Microsoft)Online$0.00.25   C13B23992549465F818E6705B15B3131Public
DAS - Excel 2013: Advanced IF Functions (by Microsoft)Online$0.00.25   8EB3C9B6CE0D4E5AA03006913CC1B7CEPublic
DAS - Excel 2013: Basic Math (by Microsoft)Online$0.00.25   3EED5CFBEB6C41EAB9EE5CB74D380ABCPublic
DAS - Excel 2013: Create and Manage Drop-Down Lists (by Microsoft)Online$0.00.25   F06F3D8CD03F42679F326A2BCFA45289Public
DAS - Excel 2013: Create Your First Workbook (by Microsoft)Online$0.00.25   CB220FA44DED412B966682C9D120E2EFPublic
DAS - Excel 2013: Make the Switch to Excel 2013 (by Microsoft)Online$0.00.25   BAA156E756804F52A5D64C877ACE7BD4Public
DAS - Excel 2013: VLOOKUP: When and How to Use It (by Microsoft)Online$0.00.25   30CC2F7AFDA84C9EAD220EF7896C3776Public
DAS - Excel 2013: Work with Macros (by Microsoft)Online$0.00.25   276BB157433A497B9245365D61D5FCD1Public
DAS – FBS - Datamart & Hyperion: Payroll (8 CPE Hours)Classroom$0.008   07706FB53CDA492785C2B9E916D29C1C 
DAS - Get to know Excel 2010: Create formulas (by Microsoft)Online$0.00.5   7284CDFA8DCE48A1806B7A0138BDA116Public
DAS - Get To Know Excel 2010: How to create a basic chart in Excel 2010 (by Microsoft) Online$0.00.5   C19142E1467B47A686E0E44A5400B824Public
DAS - Get To Know Excel 2010: Save time by creating and running macros in Excel 2010 (by Microsoft)Online$0.00.5   377EE7A4B2974278ABEFDF38356CF100Public
DAS - Get To Know Excel 2010: Sparklines: Use tiny charts to show data trends (by Microsoft)Online$0.00.5   60F8AEB982DC40BFBD4BD77A7477C309Public
DAS - Get To Know Excel 2010: The IF function: what it is, and how to use it (by Microsoft)Online$0.00.5   8F143FE7B84746469AE8434E2C7BFA90Public
DAS - Get To Know Excel 2010: Use Excel tables to manage information (by Microsoft)Online$0.00.5   DA2BD195C38C4562BAA860A1750020F0Public
DAS - Getting up to speed with Access 2007 (by Microsoft)Online$0.00.5   7EC41A19BB4D4CEDA23D4678051BBD9EPublic
DAS - Getting up to speed with Access 2010 (by Microsoft)Online$0.00.5   F647549A298F4CE48D4A4DA312CBF3ECPublic
DAS - Getting up to speed with Excel 2007 (by Microsoft) Online$0.00.5   17DE793E3A5C4C729E3E4B235E4B8730Public
DAS - Getting up to speed with Excel 2010 (by Microsoft)Online$0.00.5   0DD1CFF54E854E69863CB4A23776859FPublic
DAS - Getting up to speed with Outlook 2007 (By Microsoft)Online$0.00.75   66BA12606DF549CEB2793237A7638DC4Public
DAS - Getting up to speed with Outlook 2010 (by Microsoft)Online$0.00.75   DE434CDB9FB3486DB5C6B2C6EAC57F99Public
DAS - Getting up to speed with PowerPoint 2003 (by Microsoft)Online$0.00.75   47049490A8E447FD9FDFFC836A2B2DEBPublic
DAS - Getting up to speed with PowerPoint 2007 (by Microsoft) Online$0.00.75   ADE6C1A0681F4C069A42C7FFB26B9291Public
DAS - Getting up to speed with PowerPoint 2010 (by Microsoft)Online$0.00.75   3182DD28D8E84F75A4A33D0FBDA7A0B4Public
DAS - Getting up to speed with Project 2010 (by Microsoft)Online$0.00.5   B414D60EC1D94BA7840B36808E77817EPublic
DAS - Getting up to speed with Word 2007 (by Microsoft)Online$0.00.5   F5C8770D40EE4B298E59BA2E1E84FEAFPublic
DAS - Getting up to speed with Word 2010 (by Microsoft)Online$0.00.5   50D400D0545C45B9B522BDBFADB8710EPublic
DAS - How to Attach a Document in LINUSOnline$0.00    8503D606D9E84D1BACE0A07A1401D1E9Public
DAS - How to Create a Custom Report in LINUSOnline$0.00    547808FA416E4029B565BB50A718A5CFPublic
DAS - How to Search for a Bill in LINUSOnline$0.00    D23E9B31E6CB47DC96F1FCDEBA2C549BPublic
DAS - How to Set Up Email Notifications in LINUSOnline$0.00    6FAC6C82528F448AA7EB117875AF5C9APublic
DAS - How to Track a Bill in LINUSOnline$0.00    5876609A4F6B41D093215168B4A0433BPublic
DAS - How to Untrack a Bill in LINUSOnline$0.00    7721E232383A41F4B1FF6A8BD6904BDAPublic
DAS - HRSD - Board and Commission Member TrainingOnline$0.001   8728A2613A2845F0AEAA3413CDE2E28EPublic
DAS - HRSD - How to Edit Your Profile in iLearnOregonOnline$0.00.15   763A7C65406B4309A6A3F4494B582EFEPublic
DAS - HRSD - iLearnOregon Resource CenterOnline$0.00.5   A7C8D785186E4C1F8644AB07AA868353Public
DAS - HRSD - NeoGov Online Hiring CenterOnline$0.00.5   5ED4B82A6728484FA07A4517DDF9580BPublic
DAS - Information Security - 2012 RefresherOnline$0.00.5   0A08BEC2EBDD4190A03AB646EB4B1A27Public
DAS - Information Security - An Introduction to Information SecurityOnline$0.00.5   4D52A701B8C54D8482644DA9AA2ED707Public
DAS - Information Security - Dealing with DocumentsOnline$0.00.5   514CE992B235403DB0026EFCC336EEF4Public
DAS - Information Security - Securing Your Computer - Part 1Online$0.00.5   41D59B708F1C465F927F78A07A9DB817Public
DAS - Information Security - Securing Your Computer - Part 2Online$0.00.5   6B99BCE644FE442FB3B3FEF6F7191711Public
DAS - Information Security - Social EngineeringOnline$0.00.5   56CFCDA248DC4B83A020AF777AA1B7F5Public
DAS - Information Security - The Oregon Consumer Identity Theft Protection Act and YouOnline$0.00.75   FBF82D3F8B8349C0B49F9E12C510D02FPublic
DAS - Information Security - Using E-mailOnline$0.00.5   37745086651D452EB788387C98E6F61DPublic
DAS - Information Security - When You're Out of the OfficeOnline$0.00.5   7C1BB68E15454482824F2945D3D8D493Public
DAS - Interactive: Access 2003 to Access 2007 Command Reference Guide (By Microsoft)Online$0.00.25   475A1F15F12843C091439BAB5015EBA6Public
DAS - Interactive: Excel 2003 to Excel 2007 Command Reference Guide (By Microsoft)Online$0.00.25   A5126DED7B684F278B45700198116E2DPublic
DAS - Interactive: Outlook 2003 to Outlook 2007 Command Reference Guide (By Microsoft)Online$0.00.25   AD442ED3EBA34EF889CBD0370F45FD86Public
DAS - Interactive: PowerPoint 2003 to PowerPoint 2007 Command Reference Guide (By Microsoft)Online$0.00.25   BB3F37848BBF442FAE67ABE5D1127891Public
DAS - Interactive: Word 2003 to Word 2007 Command Reference Guide (By Microsoft)Online$0.00.25   7ED070220EAC4D36A4983095A04A873DPublic
DAS - Introduction to SustainabilityOnline$0.00.25   E88CEA0CF11A4C5C8D75A6CAA63853CEPublic
DAS - OregonConnect Best Practice WebinarsOnline$0.00.12   AAB7EA5DE5CC44F9B8DF8970413F2F32Public
DAS - OregonConnect Training ResourcesOnline$0.00    99A847C34FF849618651F2B07617A134Public
DAS - Outlook 2013: Calendar Basics (by Microsoft)Online$0.00.25   D96266B0673B418392C6E17EDFBBDC30Public
DAS - Outlook 2013: Make the Switch to Outlook 2013 (by Microsoft)Online$0.00.25   6E89694DC8D14E8CB4D577F9D2910CC7Public
DAS - Outlook 2013: Password Protect Your Mailbox (by Microsoft)Online$0.00.25   6177311150264568A6A2215FD7FB498APublic
DAS - Outlook 2013: Recall and Replace Sent Messages (by Microsoft)Online$0.00.25   12A7258174854F97928CA80505A8EE1CPublic
DAS - Outlook 2013: The Ins and Outs of BCC (by Microsoft)Online$0.00.25   DAC92C9014834D3999EACC66711B6AE4Public
DAS - Outlook 2013: Track Email with Read Receipts (by Microsoft)Online$0.00.25   B24C683ABBE64AE0B8D469A9D0549191Public
DAS - PowerPoint 2013: Animate Pictures, Clip Art, Text, and Other Objects (by Microsoft)Online$0.00.25   EE0A63DE08064EA0863621765C8A0931Public
DAS - PowerPoint 2013: Create Your First Presentation (by Microsoft)Online$0.00.25   939D2B785B4F414C8EE52263FF83A05APublic
DAS - PowerPoint 2013: Make the Switch to PowerPoint 2013 (by Microsoft)Online$0.00.25   9BDC3D338D7946F8A76B2CD7B252D703Public
DAS - PowerPoint 2013: Use Presenter View (by Microsoft)Online$0.00.25   B5A3057A6E1F4119B2B521D9F6DDFB76Public
DAS - PowerPoint 2013: Working with Watermarks (by Microsoft)Online$0.00.25   1D7A4CEDC62148FC8CB0A5717FE2F606Public
DAS - Project 2013: Make the Switch to Project 2013 (by Microsoft)Online$0.00.25   E59AB1705AF144E9800ECCF986A6F98DPublic
DAS - PS - A Spotlight on Small Procurement - WorkshopClassroom$125.0074/22/14 8:30am4/22/14 4:29pmSalem4E72E4C0E05E412D841ED37561FCA775Public
DAS - Publisher 2013: Make the switch to Publisher 2013 (by Microsoft)Online$0.00.25   7A1C41E2844F485BAA24B6EA8A958FE9Public
DAS - QRF Procurement Training - 3 CEUClassroom$35.003   F2F86CFC5B4243C7B215AD40BFE025B6 
DAS - SCD - SARS: 2012 Fiscal Year-End TrainingClassroom$0.003   AAA3D504865F4383A8201C2CCB8162DF 
DAS - SCD - SARS: GASB Review 2012Classroom$0.002   9DB4D97FF7694A058A0F865D2F42196F 
DAS - SCD - Subrecipient or Vendor?--Sorting Out the Subaward of Federal Grant FundsClassroom$0.001.5   0359B4E1857841C4B21E8A0C21DE2955 
DAS - SDC CommVault Training Data Recovery Jobs V1Online$0.00    F18A606E01BD4117A16907BEAC23CE7BPublic
DAS - SEIU Special Agencies 2011-2013 Contract Changes Online$0.00.5   C2D110CFA80F45D88C33D14F5FD09076Public
DAS - SharePoint 2010 - Manage documents and content in Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 (by Microsoft)Online$0.00.5   33F29C1240CF4EE18DBA75362B55E092Public
DAS - SharePoint 2010 - Quickly find the resources you need to get your job done (by Microsoft)Online$0.00.5   5BB15A59567E43A3A8CC82779FF4011BPublic
DAS - SharePoint 2010 - Share information in a central place (by Microsoft)Online$0.00.5   633919271F304757A164C4B51B0CAE87Public
DAS - SharePoint 2010: Getting up to speed (by Microsoft)Online$0.001   C4361C3EB7DB4826BDECA26C5A41FE34Public
DAS - Sharepoint 2010: SharePoint Workspace 2010: An introduction (by Microsoft)Online$0.00.5   156CC260A59948F9846A4E164CAB0BD7Public
DAS - Sustainability in the WorkplaceOnline$0.00.25   D776437A94184F92B94CAA1099439F30Public
DAS - Synchronous OnLine Training (by ASTD)Online$0.003   F2E4B93B299C4DF4949D7BF8842B3797Public
DAS - Visio 2013: Make the Switch to Visio 2013 (by Microsoft)Online$0.00.25   8C15F44D617B451993D7BE73F04108C1Public
DAS - Windows 7: Getting Started (By Microsoft)Online$0.00.25   721EBFDE9D8E4249ADEEF184D6552C0EPublic
DAS - Word 2013 - Create and Print Labels (by Microsoft)Online$0.00.25   CAFD0C7CA2EA431EB803912F86AB7E5BPublic
DAS - Word 2013 - Create Your First Word 2013 Document (by Microsoft)Online$0.00.25   C8D959CE4ADF493899FC23C28E54677BPublic
DAS - Word 2013 - Introduction to Tables of Contents (by Microsoft)Online$0.00.25   5AFB1F0432594A5FA1CFAA2B867A2B05Public
DAS - Word 2013 - Make the Switch to Word 2013 (by Microsoft)Online$0.00.25   D62CF67CC0C0499FBDECC077BD97EF20Public
DAS - Word 2013 - Working with Watermarks (by Microsoft)Online$0.00.25   306D5E53C0D34C4D990AC6A5BF7592E8Public
DAS / SAIF - Hazard Communication 2012: Employee Awareness TrainingOnline$0.00.25   72BDE29C709240FB91078A3F808B7265Public
DAS / SAIF - Hazard Communication 2013: Employee Awareness TrainingOnline$0.00.25   5110B710F78247AEBE5DE9CBD84F87DFPublic
DAS CHRO - Family and Medical Leave (for HR, Payroll and those who administer FMLA/OFLA for their agency) Recording (10/10/2013)Online$0.003.75   650B896FB14D4AE2846C8D90098C6718 
DAS EGS FBS SFMS - Report Training 2013Classroom$0.002   31B92DFC25B24AC7AE314CFC230394B0 
DAS EGS FBS SFMS - SFMS User Group 2 4 14Classroom$0.002   F68102D42F574A93989EA8228461D1FF 
DAS EGS FBS SFMS - What SFMA Can DoClassroom$0.002   C149572550D54422BAE46059F64452AE 
DAS EGS FBS SFMS 2012 1099-MISC TrainingClassroom$0.002   303D1725D5F146C3A54420EAF9E53F06 
DAS EGS FBS SFMS 2013 1099-MISC TrainingClassroom$0.001.5   82E4117E5F7F415FBD0FE6AA244284E5 
DAS EGS FBS SFMS AP Managers ForumClassroom$0.001.5   74D6CDEC937F43BFB6F200CF8E6EA907 
DAS EGS FBS SFMS User Group May 2013Classroom$0.002   28B42E8837164B648E2F19F043882F9F 
DAS EGS FBS SFMS User Group November 2013 Classroom$0.001.5   8C57739D63A04730A06C57BD636A70CD 
DAS EGS FBS SFMS Vendor TrainingClassroom$0.002   BD13F56F5F594AA78410ACF9FB88C608 
DAS ETS Oregon GovSpace - Create a DocumentOnline$0.00.25   34714327E02A4836996E7E3355C31C7EPublic
DAS ETS Oregon GovSpace - Create a Sub-spaceOnline$0.00.25   07FD45EFF5CD46F78D68E35DF8B77158Public
DAS ETS Oregon GovSpace - Customize a HomepageOnline$0.00.25   065EDD931FB14D17AF1252E2D786C88FPublic
DAS ETS Oregon GovSpace - How to Create a GroupOnline$0.00.25   7618C34520BE4A72952003721506C2B4Public
DAS ETS Oregon GovSpace - How to Create a ProjectOnline$0.00.25   F2E678B8FF314E038C51BA8D390FC50CPublic
DAS ETS Oregon GovSpace - How to Send and Manage Group InvitationsOnline$0.00.25   630C7D9B0682423890DC417FD8B1AC1BPublic
DAS ETS Oregon GovSpace - PermissionsOnline$0.00.25   2FD7E7BBD119452285D96C63D2DFBA8BPublic
DAS ETS Oregon GovSpace - Post a Question or DiscussionOnline$0.00.25   4564DF9C5A0B4E0E8CA4E7ADC8613CBFPublic
DAS ETS Oregon GovSpace - Search and NavigateOnline$0.00.25   564AC292C0D94D3E8E6DE26B6F78B6F7Public
DAS ETS Oregon GovSpace - Upload a DocumentOnline$0.00.25   10082C39A8E545E28C5ED94383480588Public
DAS OSPS – Calculating Federal Income Tax Withholding in OSPAOnline$0.00.75   5B8AE029A42A4856A9558FAC11E6BD24 
DAS OSPS – Calculating Retirement Contributions in OSPAOnline$0.001   07C1116FFFAE4FAABEF1040F6C2D6B54Public
DAS OSPS - OSPA login and logoutOnline$0.00    58D7F68FD83A4259BC07B7F3B3531BAF 
DAS OSPS - OSPA P001 Screen GuideOnline$0.00.1   FED484B9C4F74C3A9732E66B179EF3DE 
DAS OSPS – Part 1, Overview of Leave Accrual in OSPA/LARSOnline$0.001   D8D6A9BD9BFE4AE2980127EA9713B83BPublic
DAS OSPS – Part 3, Vacation Leave in OSPA/LARSOnline$0.001   E66E4EB26E44484398DE429A28812D7APublic
DAS OSPS – Part 4, Personal Business Leave in OSPA/LARSOnline$0.001   B15891EA6EA548129279ECE00BBB9302Public
DAS OSPS – Part 5, Compensatory Time in OSPA/LARSOnline$0.001   6A91025FC0684C4F8A4594C3F1348DD0Public
DAS OSPS October Forum Recording - Year EndOnline$0.001.25   DA27807EA1D94644B47B236BE61C7949 
DAS OSPS Payroll Essentials, Day 1 - State Payroll OverviewClassroom$0.003.58/18/14 8:30am8/18/14 11:59amSalemB88C9F948C334AD2BE25E8669C51350APublic
DAS OSPS Payroll Essentials, Day 2 - OSPA ScreensClassroom$0.0068/19/14 8:30am8/19/14 3:59pmSalem248762995D7D44F9BE4D5803C2B1A105Public
DAS OSPS Payroll Essentials, Day 3 - Common Payroll ProcessesClassroom$0.0068/20/14 8:30am8/20/14 3:59pmSalem15B0ACA9A0054ED3BBC26BD79C2BD9E5Public
DAS OSPS User's Forum Recording (04/18/2012)Online$0.002   3555CD6C25EB4ECAA65A8BB53B18A360Public
DAS OSPS Working the Exception ReportOnline$0.00    22F697F878EE487E9BEAF338EEEF29C3 
DAS PS - 2014 Procurement Rules BriefingOnline$0.001   5D287EE18B74402FB6C9154A8DEF3D3F 
DAS PS - Procurement ProtestsClassroom$125.007   Course.A107.0294 
DAS PS Procurement Rules BriefingClassroom$0.002   16EB1BCA6B9D47F7AF16795522B886E4 
DAS SPO - 5 - ORPIN Supplier E-Bidding TutorialOnline$0.00    655C9413B9CA4AE788D5EAE0D22EC2D5 
DAS SPO - Administrator Certificate of ProcurementClassroom$250.00    5749D88386534EE1AC17904E667A6C38 
DAS SPO - Contract AdministrationClassroom$125.0075/20/14 8:30am5/20/14 4:29pm 2ACE11F272FF4BB7B7E6AE4613A250DEPublic
DAS SPO - Demystifying Terms and ConditionsClassroom$75.003.58/26/14 1:00pm8/26/14 4:29pmSalem50450AC51FA7461B8A857456A7E7A745Public
DAS SPO - Direct Purchase and NegotiationClassroom$125.007   Course.A107.0284 
DAS SPO - Effective Evaluations, Committees and ProcessesClassroom$75.003.5   Course.A107.0286 
DAS SPO - Government Report WritingClassroom$75.003.5   Course.A107.0287 
DAS SPO - Lecture & Briefing Series: Green ChemistryClassroom$0.002   Course.A107.0289 
DAS SPO - Managing Contracts as a ProjectClassroom$195.0014   E0448101317742F8AD0504BEFA112D11 
DAS SPO - OPBC Exam Workshop WEBINARClassroom$0.001.5   7A61EE10A781473FA31BFD8569463C28 
DAS SPO - Oregon Procurement Basic Certification ExamClassroom$150.0036/18/14 10:00am6/18/14 11:59am Course.A107.0298Public
DAS SPO - ORPIN for ORCPP MembersClassroom$0.001.5   3BA9B7E74AE847758962E5BA1AE51C7F 
DAS SPO - ORPIN Full System TrainingClassroom$125.0075/8/14 8:30am5/8/14 4:29pmSalemCourse.A107.0291Public
DAS SPO - Principles of Public Contracting (aka BA 161)Classroom$350.00405/7/14 8:30am6/18/14 4:29pmSalemCourse.A107.0292Public
DAS SPO - Procurement EthicsClassroom$125.0074/29/14 8:30am4/29/14 4:29pm Course.A107.0293Public
DAS SPO - Request for Proposals: Foundational GuidelinesClassroom$125.007   400053D582A744A9B72FB971914A1023 
DAS SPO - Sole Source ProcurementsClassroom$75.003.5   Course.A107.0295 
DAS SPO - Writing a Statement of WorkClassroom$125.0076/4/14 8:30am6/4/14 4:29pmSalemCourse.A107.0297Public
DAS SPO Contract Oversight & AccountabilityClassroom$75.003.5   AB417A8159E34A41990E357E239F93F0 
DAS SPO Introduction to Spend Analysis and Spend Management ForumClassroom$0.003   8E5B3DA69FBC4F4BB80882E17A3FF9E6 
DAS SPO Procurement Rules Classroom$125.0075/6/14 8:30am5/6/14 4:29pmSalemCourse.A107.0282Public
DAS/EGS/FBS/SFMS SFMA - R*STARS/ADPICS Self Study LaboratoryClassroom$0.0064/23/14 8:30am4/23/14 4:29pm 9273A5A92C2647F38DF035702288E47APublic
DAS/EGS/FBS/SFMS SFMA - R*STARS/ADPICS Self Study LaboratoryClassroom$0.0065/7/14 8:30am5/7/14 4:29pm 9273A5A92C2647F38DF035702288E47APublic
DAS/EGS/FBS/SFMS SFMA - R*STARS/ADPICS Self Study LaboratoryClassroom$0.0065/21/14 8:30am5/21/14 4:29pm 9273A5A92C2647F38DF035702288E47APublic
DAS/EGS/FBS/SFMS SFMA - R*STARS/ADPICS Self Study LaboratoryClassroom$0.0066/4/14 8:30am6/4/14 4:29pm 9273A5A92C2647F38DF035702288E47APublic
DAS/EGS/FBS/SFMS SFMA - R*STARS/ADPICS Self Study LaboratoryClassroom$0.0066/18/14 8:30am6/18/14 4:29pm 9273A5A92C2647F38DF035702288E47APublic
DAS/EGS/FBS/SFMS User Group MeetingClassroom$0.002   0B8DAE4BAA844D48A9D25306EE86DD1E 
DAS-CFO-SARS—FY 2013 Year-end Close Training (1 CPE Hour Based on 50 Minute Hour)Classroom$0.003   7313A30D9C14401B8532203AF094C4BE 
DAS-CFO-SARS-GASB Review: 2013Classroom$0.002   6B1A94C0B850423CA4CF0C0AD54380B1 
DAS-CFO-SARS-Improving Statewide Reporting & Performance Data Analysis: Success StoriesClassroom$0.002   6A0E597841E941858BF54969FAC7F389 
DAS-CFO-SARS—Long-Term Debt Training Classroom$0.003   1FAEB70FA1A743AB9C09148B464B5164 
DAS-CFO-SARS-OMB Grant Reforms (March 27, 2013)Classroom$0.002   8D9EF7B076EE43DFA563DCA27B272C84 
DAS-CFO-SARS-Pension Accounting and Financial Reporting Standards: A Focus on Statement No. 68Classroom$0.002   FFA183DBF513494D8E1255421449B728 
DAS-CFO-SARS—Year-end SEFA Training Classroom$0.001   1C718DA8E6AA4A9DB7F93709729B942C 
DeleteOnline$0.00    4A3F61AEE86B4C82953D5624182F2250 
DEQ - A Guide To Understanding FMLA/OFLAClassroom$0.001   8B396B97010D4707ADC45C65D10EBA3C 
Drug-free WorkplaceOnline$0.00.25   9D1B226FE54F4F6D97A805388BF06484 
Federal Tax Information Awareness Training and CertificationOnline$0.002   068D5BA579ED4E97ABC43F985C03270A 
FEMA - IS-100.b Introduction to Incident Command SystemOnline$0.003   14705F7ACF24497B8362BD75548F3EBCPublic
FEMA - IS-100.LEb Introduction to the Incident Command System for Law EnforcementOnline$0.003   FF90681B553D473E88A08626CFB16967Public
FEMA - IS-100.PWb Introduction to the Incident Command System for Public Works PersonnelOnline$0.003   251BEED7ED5C487DB6F9D578E2A51D46Public
FEMA - IS-120.a An Introduction to ExercisesOnline$0.005   60FCEB9DE49A495CA58ADD5A5C714B14Public
FEMA - IS-130 Exercise Evaluation and Improvement PlanningOnline$0.005   B3C4C58A0B934F12B4A22DF9D668FF48Public
FEMA - IS-139 Exercise DesignOnline$0.0010   DBE7193937604BF6BF9ECEE093F80044Public
FEMA - IS-15.a Special Events Contingency Planning for Public Safety AgenciesOnline$0.004   88AB65C1615644C88ADF664247FA9596Public
FEMA - IS-197.EM Special Needs Planning Considerations for Emergency ManagementOnline$0.004.5   2EB5EDEAF66941FE81CCADFE2D11E3DEPublic
FEMA - IS-200.b ICS for Single Resources and Initial Action IncidentsOnline$0.003   E238160C874C445795B4F0D78B0BEC27Public
FEMA - IS-208 State Disaster ManagementOnline$0.0010   A52637A77C7C49D2BA25BF88E32DD63FPublic
FEMA - IS-230b Fundamentals of Emergency ManagementOnline$0.0010   7F81D13E6915493CABD8689635AF2928Public
FEMA - IS-235a Emergency PlanningOnline$0.0010   8077F5B054EC46178954F485D1DB8145Public
FEMA - IS-240 Leadership and InfluenceOnline$0.009   05B78F1FCCA64AD2AB0EDEB40478C6F0Public
FEMA - IS-241a Decision Making and Problem SolvingOnline$0.008   F877B58A711F4E9C927352C49EFA9884Public
FEMA - IS-242a Effective CommunicationOnline$0.008   8FA7ED4981724377961B76C0D041C53BPublic
FEMA - IS-244 Developing and Managing VolunteersOnline$0.0010   6B0965D3BF3E402EB45EDC465B03E387Public
FEMA - IS-288 The Role of Voluntary Agencies in Emergency ManagementOnline$0.0010   7405CFC0508242D1A41252CA3CDDDBB8Public
FEMA - IS-340 Hazardous Materials PreventionOnline$0.004   3B017A5A322D4B009D0E0762145F348DPublic
FEMA - IS-393.a Introduction to Hazard MitigationOnline$0.0010   07C891A46E58401A9D1B063A5940C698Public
FEMA - IS-5.a An Introduction to Hazardous MaterialsOnline$0.0010   013BEC9B7A2845A48BC627E767529B27Public
FEMA - IS-520 Introduction to Continuity of Operations Planning for Pandemic InfluenzasOnline$0.001   FBD457FF714243F99FF520C3E5924589Public
FEMA - IS-546.a Continuity of Operations AwarenessOnline$0.001   782064E61341433BAFF6AD0FC57058D5Public
FEMA - IS-547.a Introduction to Continuity of OperationsOnline$0.002   B0CFC5D1C9B54EE5BF5FF872B3D0EE45Public
FEMA - IS-630 Introduction to the Public Assistance ProcessOnline$0.002   D4CA72FE68BC451B8F2B4FBF2964CF20Public
FEMA - IS-700.a NIMS An IntroductionOnline$0.003   D7C4EF9121EB40DEAAE48080E0F9B681Public
FEMA - IS-701.a NIMS Multiagency Coordination SystemOnline$0.002   EDF8117C4CFF46408888D6EFBFAA4274Public
FEMA - IS-702.a NIMS Public Information SystemsOnline$0.003   DC15F9E3930A4CADBE016B05C0AB031FPublic
FEMA - IS-703.a NIMS Resource Management Online$0.003.5   C1A09EB876B24FBBAEBB83BAD37C733CPublic
FEMA - IS-704 NIMS Communications and Information ManagementOnline$0.002   BED0F3211D0A4DCB9DAE462AB4F3FBF9Public
FEMA - IS-775 EOC Management and OperationsOnline$0.004   F19E31D9793C4BECA860A5720651EAB2Public
FEMA - IS-800.B National Response FrameworkOnline$0.003   1C70E1F81D824320A506531F2CDFA54APublic
January 2014 OSPS Forum Recording (01/15/2014)Online$0.002   D0966BA7A5FD4AD897BD903768A6B6F0 
Microsoft - Intro to ASP.NET MVC 4Online$0.001.5   D69DBD29BDB145549CC9F9BD948EB179Public
ODE - Oregon Migrant Education Assessment 2012 Online$0.00    F8164C7FD14B45E7B07EBF1A80DB3DC6Public
ODFW - A-100 Basic Aviation Safety (Formerly the B3 Combination Helicopter/Airplane Safety Curriculum)Online$0.002   807D9F71214A4721A38C46DB18AB717B 
ODFW - A-104 Overview of Aircraft Capabilities & LimitationsOnline$0.00.5   9C3DDDDD557541C1BBBED6FD298305B5 
ODOT - Money Management & Retirement Seminar 1Classroom$0.001   BBE6FBB0BB964940A625B664885D1021 
ODOT - Money Management & Retirement Seminar 3Classroom$0.001.510/15/14 10:30am10/15/14 11:59amSalem365B5EE43D764530AD9C93393EA68AAA 
OGEC - 2010 Legislative ChangesOnline$0.001   DB261087E7EA4BD6859F38B4A0BD5C7DPublic
OGEC - ComplaintsOnline$0.001   A1A7F47D651642A596F2F7EDC1207DFAPublic
OGEC - Conflicts of InterestOnline$0.00.3   A78EA36D889A46DB98826CA5B92650A8Public
OGEC - Conflicts of Interest v.2Online$0.00    2F0F443B77654853AE1C325A4BC201ABPublic
OGEC - Conflicts of Interest v.4Online$0.00    79E62D5BDFF84D1AB0CAAA12ABD50973Public
OGEC - Ethics Law Overview for Appointed Officials (Employees)Online$0.001   14FC789B4D2A4117BB1A4125EEDE82D0Public
OGEC - Ethics Law Overview for Elected Officials (including officials appointed to boards, commissions or advisory groups) Online$0.001   2037C350C07D4C8D94AAE57A781DA6A0Public
OGEC - GiftsOnline$0.00.3   A7BBACB989AB492D9AABF3558713F644Public
OGEC - Introduction to Executive SessionsOnline$0.001   54AAE2659E444F4F823039EEF1065220Public
OGEC - Introduction to Executive Sessions TestOnline$0.00    149F7F249B3C426FAED19DD18F491C4APublic
OGEC - Prohibited Use of OfficeOnline$0.001   912B430B249A4A4D8836B9614449B851Public
OPRD - Heritage - Oregon Historic Cemetery Volunteer Corps Training GuideOnline$0.001   FC13223CC22B4FE6975DDF676F59C61EPublic
OSL - Internet SuperSearcherClassroom$0.002   0063D5C0A0C548378725B9CC10A86E4A 
OSL - Law and LegislationClassroom$0.002   B8ACEC8AB04847848518CB72AE744A82 
OSL - Legislative Resource OverviewClassroom$0.002   28E39ED5C71D4F359C422AC389D1AC1E 
OSL - Library Mini-Learning ConferenceClassroom$0.0036/10/14 1:00pm6/10/14 3:59pm 53015A307C3A4BDBA43D52DC32FA8A65Public
OSL - Natural SciencesClassroom$0.002   D3B11E07EB584E9AAF4D43D4DEA31D1C 
OSL - Using Census Data for Grant WritingClassroom$0.006   02FD91AC105B4DBCA3AB38D9E5A6C709 
OSL - Web 2.0 - Introduction and OverviewClassroom$0.002   2175AB645DB34A42BE188003420B7791 
OYA 2014 Policy RefresherOnline$0.00.25   67D5517D8B9E4202852327F37AF1885F 
OYA Mandatory Child Abuse Reporting Training/PREA - CoreOnline$0.00.5   729401A6F9E244A1A3CE31A83E59F968 
OYA Violence-free Workplace_2013Online$0.00.25   150BBE73A21E46B3BE603CC4D70FAA14 
PEBB - Benefits Overview 2010Online$0.00    20EAC8E226D04560A8F6D36F60BFBF06Public
SAIF - Advanced Claims ManagementOnline$0.002   34C3C6AEF6B547EF9676BF3F6ECFB4F4Public
SAIF - Crisis Intervention: Managing Conflict in the WorkplaceOnline$0.002   74EDBA73276243D9A71B476ABB860AF4Public
SAIF - Injury Prevention and Workers’ Compensation Cost Containment Online$0.0016   93EB7CA293D6492F801863A8D2638A19Public
SAIF - Managing Your IH ExposuresOnline$0.002   34A91178021D40D3BEA8D85FE6E15D4FPublic
SAIF - Next Step: A Workshop for Office Ergonomic Assessors Online$0.003   4E1A3FA267E34FAE9D8DA0C7223371EDPublic
SAIF - Office Ergonomics AssessorOnline$0.003   6D267CF7E59D467E983B72C03A71241APublic
SAIF - Return to WorkOnline$0.002   A36E6AF44D054939ADD2FEA232AA7334Public
SAIF - Slips, Trips, and FallsOnline$0.002   25AD420304B74D56A8037E3F4DC3E50DPublic
Weapons in the Workplace_2013Online$0.00.25   DB6D5C6918494536B2DC98172DD5EBE7