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Recent Announcements

How To Create A New Account For State Employees

iLearnOregon is now integrated with the State’s personnel system and will automatically create your account for you at the time your personnel record is created. If an email is listed on your personnel record you will receive two automated system emails with your login ID and a temporary password. If no email address was listed at the time of your personnel record creation your login ID AND password will both be set to your State Employee ID.

If you need assistance with your login ID or password, you can contact your iLearnOregon Administrator.

How To Create A New Account For Non-State Employees
If you are new to iLearnOregon, please review this brief job-aid, then select Create New Account at the top of the screen.

Statewide Course Catalog
Statewide courses are offered to all state agencies and/or local governments. Search the statewide course catalog before logging into iLearnOregon. If you need any additional help, please email DAS Support at the link above.